Who is The Frenzy?

In 1994, an 8 year old boy went to visit his aunt and uncle in Canton, Ohio. After spending a day at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, they stopped by an antique shop that was selling bundles of 200 football cards for five dollars a piece. Fifteen dollars later, a passion was born. I quickly spread the collecting fever to several of my friends and for the next six years I continued to build my collection.

However, as in any good narrative arc, Act II eventually followed and I lost interest in the hobby as things such as jobs, college, and surviving in an incredibly dysfunctional family began to take up my time and finances. By the time I graduated from college, I had completely forgotten that I had ever collected.

Act III: In 2011, now happily married and with enough income to ward off the “Ramen Diet,” I rediscovered those plastic containers housing my thousands of long-forgotten cards. I began to look through them and somewhere deep inside an ember began to glow once again. A quick trip to Wal Mart resulted in two boxes of 2011 Topps Chrome. An internet search and a 40 minute car ride introduced my to my first LCS where I purchased my first hobby box. Greatest of all, my wife got excited too!

Epilogue: I recently graduated (again) with my M.A. in History. Being someone now very used to writing essays and treatises and one who always enjoys a good, in-depth discussion, I published this blog as an outlet for my philosophical musings on the hobby we love, but rarely fully understand.

– The Frenzy